Jumping regions

I think it’s stupid that if you jump regions you have to start completely over. Some regions are dying. Some regions have way to much drama or bullying to deal with. For some people who just want to have fun and play a game it hard when people can’t join a faction for a couple of reasons:

  1. They spend enough money on it
  2. They don’t want to follow the “rules” that some top factions make. Like territories for example.

My region is fully of immature “kids” that bully people cause they don’t spend money or talk crap on their faction cause they don’t have the people to succeed.

I would love to join a new region and be able to get away from the BS and just enjoy the game.

How do some of you feel on the topic???


Because of dying regions, I think it would be a good move too allow one transfer per account to any region of choice. Or they can begin the region merge (they will ride it out as long as possible before doing this since it could be seen as a sign of their weakness/failure).


At the very, very least can there be an option to skip having to run through that tutorial every time. I know how to build a house by now.


I feel more and more regions will reach immaturity. Reason is simple - gameplay, limited to that level.

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We should get 1 free move and you get a list of regions to choose from, that way you can’t go to a new region with your 6* roster and make it harder for them to succeed.

If you want to move a 2nd time, you should have to pay and get a list of regions to choose from.


You should be able to move to any region created BEFORE your original region as you wouldn’t have any advantage to those players.


I’ve been asking this question for quite some time. I’ve asked @kalishane privately once, and asked support a couple times. My problem is me and the missus started playing before we realised about regions (or at least that you were locked into them) so we are playing on 2 diff ones. Not that it matters as she has only one region on her list, and my list has plenty, just not hers.

I would love a one off change without having to start again so that I can play in the same region as my missus.

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I feel you on that. I would love to join my husband in his region. It’s drama free and he has been playing since the game started. And his faction would definitely help me grow stronger.

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Who is she in Rockdale?

Thank you for the info but I’m more worry anout losing my roster and lvl I’m at.

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I’m in Bullock region. And there is tons of bullying, pay to play people that just talk trash to newbies or people that actually work for there roster

How the hell do you know that? I’m guessing Rockdale is the only one that doesn’t have other regions in the list lol.

I think it would be abused. A group of OP players could go to a brand new region and dominate right away where it would take months for anyone to beat them. I think this could have negative side effects where active players could get upset and quit if lots of new players with crazy rosters/weapons came to their region. However, i have heard there are several regions that are just dead. So, i think they should have a petition system where support could transfer you to a region of their discretion that has higher activity. This is to prevent an entire faction to go to the same region. Also, i think there should be a number of total wars to determine if the region is actually dead. If the top 8-10 factions average close to 100 wars then i hardly think that is dead. Lastly, i think you should be able to petition to move if you are being harrassed or bullied. But you will need ample proof. How do those ideas work?

Just make a new region that ppl can only transfer to. No new players. Move with everything you have. It would be a super region with all the strongest competing with each other.


As far as I know it is the only Region that is isolated. Not sure why that is. My wife started playing in Madison, then I started playing and was put in Rockdale with no other regions available so I had no clue there was even a choice.

My wife eventually asked them to add Rockdale to her list and she plays both regions now. But she had to specifically request it from support to even have it available.

Yeah I was in sorta the same boat, when I was talking to support they said they could add Rockdale to my list, but Hart was too full to add to her list. Or the other way round, I cant remember. Her name is Trinity in Rockdale, but shes not heaps active, not on chat anyway.

i agree. come join lanier we all love each other

What’s the newest regions?