Julie (SC) gone missing from museum

I noticed that julie is mission from the museum collection. Does this mean there will be a new toon released for survival club members? And if anyone knows the answer, do you also know Which toon it will become?



Yellow Kal.


New toon soon i believe, should have announced the toon before julie expired. My guess is they dont want anyone saving comics for the toon hoping most would use them on julie.

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No… there is no toon on the horizon. They are supposedly working on more perks but no toon.

Are u serious. That sucks but hopefully they bring more ways to get comics

New Daul specialist neutralize and guardian Kal, you need to have a maxxed out Yellow Kal and Green Kal to obtain him.
Comics will be used to tier upgrade him.

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Hmmm…interesting if true

I can’t believe removing the Sc toon would help sales, I hope not I bought Julie but didn’t level her🤞

Julie was garbage anyways :woman_shrugging:t2: her rush never killed toon which made her decap specialist skill useless. I hardly see her on teams but still see Andrea all over the place.

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How would you see if players use Julie? She’s an attack toon…


They thought no one would notice with #tocgate going

Shes far from garbage. Shes one of the best decapitates because of the status effects. Her,sandy,wayland and chris are insane

You must not be aware of this faction feature called duel :woman_shrugging:t2: And I’ve seen people put her on defense teams

Those people clearly do not know how to make a proper defence team.

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Or they’re using what toons they have.

I would assume they have plenty of toons considering they got Julie and I’m assuming that character was 6 star version, meaning they would have took some time in ascending her if they didn’t have the necessary gear.

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lol your really the one saying this… :rofl:


:joy: shots fired

Wasnt there a timer on the Julie collection?

Far from garbage. She helps kill the meta right now. Just needs to be on the right team and modded right

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