Julie is redeemable for some players who don't have sc

people who don’t have survivors club can now claim julie i think becuase of the weekly missions if you complete the weekly missions two times you might be able to claim julie and ou might be able to get ther to tier 1 6* with the amount of comics you can collect

I have one response to this.


Bruh. You can only get 15 comics a month. Not a week. How long did they extend julie in the museum?

Taken: just now



Nope, they cant

Do you actually get the 6 star Julie or is it 5 star version?

you get the 5*

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Sure they can. They only need 25 comics

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Person: Julie is redeemable for some players for who dont have sc

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YOU CAN ACTUALLY GET HER?! Lets keep this a secret.

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No you can’t only 15 comics a month

I’m just going to collect for 13 months lol

I’ll redeem her in august then.

Unless you had comics left over from your free trial of the Suckers Club?

Just realize something. You need 4 toy ricks for 15 comics. So thats like 8 months. Or maybe 2-5 if they do it every month or a week.

You need 4 ricks to claim the comics

Indeed. You can earn one rick figure a week through the weekly missions. Once you get 4 figures, you exchange them for 15 comics in the museum. Therefore, 15 comics a month.

oh shit I did’t realize that.

So weekly missions is every week? Or once a month

She still takes comics to upgrade right?

Probably. Ik league chars don’t need to use league gear to upgrade til 6 star.