Juli. Is in museum? WTF? WHY?

Why is Juli back in the museum! Where is a toon that isn’t a dupe? Geez this game…

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Not everyone got Julie.


You didn’t happen to see the other three threads on this? They are coming out with more content. In the meantime, save your comics and be happy to get an extra 15 a month.


I didnt see them, sorry.

Oh. I was being self centered.

Stupid to be 15 a month rather than 15 a week.

Sc members don’t even get 15 a week. Most is 12. Usually around 6-10 lol

Yep i just want to acend julie shes last resort.

How many comics does it take to max julie out?

4, 12, 14, 16, 28, 40 that is how many comics for any sc toon

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And once you have her maxed you’ll rue her as roster liability.

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I don’t think anyone will be able to get Julie unless they kept their originals from the first week trial. Hopefully they release a new toon.

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I have 54 comics so it’d still take 4 months to max her out without Survivors club… i will wait for a better toon lol

Lol yea. It’s a long wait. That’s why I don’t think these comics are a big deal. If anything, it’s great for SC members. Will speed up the next toon.

But Julie is solid against Mias. The confuse is great. But honestly, mias are starting to dwindle already after the Elle promo. And now whichever players decide to spend for wayland would mean even less mias.


The tasks are simple enough and include some decent freebies so the comics are just a bonus, if one day a beast Club toon comes out people will already have a couple of comics and might get survivors club, a small step in the right direction for scopely

Yep. Very small but good. Hopefully the cans change every week. That would be sweet.

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