Jugs conspiracies?

Its very clear with the amount of road maps, the duration or road maps, and the energy cost of many of the road maps that Scopely desperately wants us to use up all of our World Energy Refills / Jugs.

What do y’all think is coming?
(I’m assuming that they are preparing us for a situation where we they are trying to tempt us to buy jugs)




Legendary gear maps.

Was saying this to a faction mate earlier lol.


I dunno. Seems possible to do the higher energy version so far, maybe 2/3 acts without canning and waiting on the timer.

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Definitely legendary gear maps and ascension token maps.

They have finally realized that they brought progression in this game to a grinding halt.

Still, I predict that the maps will only include the lower tiers of gear, and an extremely limited drop rate of the more desired items.

There will be no maps for a long while for t4 gear, and t3 gear will be very difficult or impossible to farm in the coming roadmaps.


I’ve found that I get just about enough free energy per day to do the entire gear map and not much else.

These 2 extra 1 day maps pretty much mean we either have to choose to skip something or jug to get it all done.

And yeah Chaz, I reckon it’s gonna be 6* gear and/or ascendace medals


Yeah, these require cans to finish, which I won’t do for the garbage, shitty sucky prizes. I can run the gear maps doing free energy.

Jugs? They are quite clearly cans.


and Japanese players call them “tanks” well タンク

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Yep. I’ve been thinking this for a while. This letters from the dead event just solidifies my beliefs.

I’ll only believe this if they take refills out of the SD

I’d love that. If we got free energy, I could say…

Tanks for nothing


Then I’d actually say thank you


Baby steps. They took them out of war to see how much rage it would cause.

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Maybe I’m just naieve, but I can’t remember being stooged in this manner by Scopely. There were a bunch of levelups not too long ago for an event, and I went for all of them. Ended up getting a weapon and a 6* Dwight out of it. People who held back started a bunch of complaint threads about not getting enough stuff, but I didn’t have to get extra anything to complete.

Seems to me, from experience, those that hold back lose out. When I embrace events, I tend to do well without coining. Might not be that way this time, but going for gold hasn’t done me wrong thus far.


Realised!? Pretty sure it was calculated. Not going to guess at their motives, beyond the speculation that they needed more time. I perceive this to be no more good than bad. It is what is is, but I seriously doubt that progress has been brought to a grinding halt in game without serious consideration. If you can’t see that, maybe you’re not as perceptive as your confidence would lead you to believe. Maybe take a minute to think before going all keyboard cowboy.

True. But if I remember correctly Dwight and the weapon were the known prizes. This event is similar to the Christmas one, lots of grinding for garbage prizes. Only this time the energy requirement is higher.

Yeah, but I only got one pull at the Christmas event.

There was one a while before that where I got a bunch of pulls. I don’t remember the name of the event, but I got 3 x 5 stars including red Romanov and gatherer Glenn. They weren’t the highlight pulls either. I don’t remember my best pull. It was probably gear.

For this event, I have enough for 3.5 pulls from the first day. I’ll be surprised if I don’t get 8 Bennies by the end. Even if I don’t, I can’t shit all over the event until it’s done anyway.

Let’s just reserve judgement. This forum is depressing enough without jumping to conclusions. I’m sick of the torch and pitchfork mentality here.

I just want to see more tips and tricks. Less of the “hey, let’s lynch someone” bull shit.

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They sell wold energy refills, and they know how many got sold. I think it is a lower amount than any other refill-sold, and have to be fixed.

They also know how many refills everyone has in stash. And only if they go near zero, we will get legendary-gear maps. 40 Points each map in 3 acts for one Item. Only two hours visible.

I see a lot of speculation there. If you’re not a Scopely employee, what the fuck do you know about it? Seriously. No, SERIOUSLY! What do you ACTUALLY KNOW about which refills sell? If I were to speculate, I would say that maybe raid fills sell less. Makes more sense to me, but what do I know? I don’t work there. So maybe we should both shut the fuck up about what we don’t know. Now let me tell you what I do know. Your post doesn’t contribute anything constructive. Stop schwiftposting.

Someone is salty.