Juggernauts / Nightmare recruiting!

Hello fellow survivors,

Since you are taking the effort to read this, that means you are still hanging on to the game and looking for a home where you can find similar minded people… Look no further! Even though our patience and motivation have been tested a lot the last weeks/months by Scopely, we have accomplished to create & maintain a roster of great and active people, who try to reach their true potential…every single day & event. Best part is…we haven’t reached it yet!

Currently we are #3 in the Top 25 factions of this entire leauge season.

I will be honest here, we are not the #3 faction in the game if you just judge by strenght, obviously there’s fac(s) below us who are stronger in direct combat, at this moment. How did we get here than? That’s easy:
• Dedication
• Team effort
• Sacrificing
• Activity

We moved to Rockdale region to enter the TOC and as most know, we made it to the finals and took 2nd because of a total region effort. Big part of this success? Dedication, team effort, sacrificing & activity. In the finals Juggernauts split in 2 facs, to make more points for the region. Result… a 5th place in a heavily stocked blitz war with only 14 (!) war members. Also, the faction with the most wars in of all the facs playing!

With a little help of our sister faction Nightmare, our temporary TOC faction did pretty well too:

During our stay in Rockdale we met the great people of Nightmare, which ended up in a merge…one that actually works! We have been playing like a 60 man faction and we include both facs in chat, teambuilding room and input for future plans. Nightmare is a home for the people who want to take it a bit easier than in Juggs, but don’t be fooled. They are top 6 in CRW and are currently with us in the Top 25 factions in the game this leauge season. Same mindset and principles apply here as in Juggs. Work hard, play hard, enjoy and value/help your teammates.

I’m sorry for the long message, but I want you to get a clear image of who we are and what we are about here. We are looking for new teammates in both factions, in all timezones & f2p/p2p doesn’t matter. It’s about the team and we all show up in fac events, wars and everything else around the game.

If you are looking for a new home when transfers open, you are a teamplayer, you are still motivated to play the game and become better and put in the effort like everybody else here…hit me up on Line and let’s see if we can make magic happen. My line nick is: wdralf88

Thanks for your time and keep surviving:)


Good luck :+1:t3:

Good luck :blush:

5€ ralfino :smile:

We are a wave 1 faction

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Transfers are nearing…if you’re looking for that new challenge and family, to keep the game fun and active for you…hit me up on Line (wdralf88)! Looking for that last spot(s), for the right fits.

Wow basically every top faction having serious attrition lately.time for some more mergers lmao

Bump… Lol

Good group, always good sports, super strong teams

With transfers opening up soon, it is time to bump this one up:)

We will be looking to add some more powerfull and active players to Juggernauts, but also for Nightmare! We are still going strong together and with WOC in mind, we would love to get in talks with some heavy hitters to make a deep run into that coming event. Hopefully it will be more rewarding then the TOC fiasco:)

Whoever is looking for a new challenge/home, is still motivated to go hard and play for/with the team, please hit me up on line (wdralf88)!

No restrictions on timezone, singles or groups of players:)

Good old ToC fiasco. Fun times. Not even participatory avatars for the poor folks fooled by half truths lol.

I wish you all the best, Ralf.

We got avatars

Bump it up:) Always looking for 1 or a few top players to add to our fam:)