Juggalos 4 Life recruiting strong players

Hey all,

To keep it simple. We of J4L are looking to add 1 or a few strong players who want to team up with our crew and have fun while kicking ass:) We are currently in Mitchell region, a steady region with shared crit territories and a good bunch dropping D in raids. As a region we have been 1st or 2nd in last 5 CRW’s, so activity is good.

Last 4 CRW’s we got Top 4, we have a love for war (don’t we all), but we are looking to make that final push to fight for top spots! We got all timezones covered, though are night crew (Euro) is already kicking ass, so best scenario is to find USA players. But we ain’t picky, so every player is welcome:)

If you want to know more about us, the region or anything let me know. You can either PM me on forum or hit me up on Line: wdralf88


J4L is a great faction in a great region. Anyone would be happy being apart of them and this is coming from a coleader from a rival faction

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You guys have pancakes? Just kidding :joy: +1

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Best of luck J4L!

Is this some ICP type of shit? No thanks lol


Been here awhile now and I can assure you it’s just a name lmao…noone here is part of a dark carnival

Dont tell them about Freaky Friday though…

Bump. Still looking for a few players:)

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Tane available lol

Y u hating on icp? I don listen to their shit but they have given back to the community more than any other mainstream rappers. But they are weird asf tho😂


Pfft they ain’t done shit, juice world>

I was interested til I read that. Sad sauce.

Wicked clowns for life. Woot woot.

No just no

Fuck those faygo drinkin fucktards

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+rep j4l is a great faction. Played there for 4 months i believe, faction events are 2nd place guaranteed and crw always top 5 or higher :slight_smile:


Looking for a spot in next CRW to hit top 3 and simply have some smashing fun? Hit me up in pm or Line.

Still looking for new players; single players or small groups. Preferred to add some USA/Canada or Asian players to our fam. Last 5 CRW’s we ended in top 4 in CRW, now looking to make the final push to top 2 in CRW. Pls pm or add on Line if you like to hear more (nick Line: wdralf88)

Bump:) looking for a new crew and challenges, hit me up?:slight_smile:

Who is number one in your region?