Juangshi map energy

The map takes fricking beads, but players don’t have enough to run the map.

Why the hell does everything involve money. Shamplay is a fricking ioke.


Lol #scopeedontgiveashiznick

But yes the event is really off to a good start.


I like how the top prize of the Anniversary event is such a miniscule part of this event. Kinda puts Anniversary into perspective lol


Corporate greed is an ugly thing, we have no one who actually cares about their product, service, name, reputation, etc making descions only for profits and we have players who keep feeding the beast. From a business standpoint tho, why would i, if i was scopely, change anything if people keep spending? Also if scopely does change, then we will all know they can change and that will be expected of them, this is actually what i think the bigger thing is


So true. The amount of debt this came has created for people is insane.


I barely completed all three acts with the bonus 500 beads. I don’t see myself completing the next map that comes in two days as I have 219 left, 165 from SR tournament and around the same from faction level up.

If this map comes every 2 days, that means it should run about 14 times (maybe 15 if we’re lucky). Everytime you finish the map you get 848. Need 10,000 total to finish the stash which means you need to complete 12 of the roadmaps…

Seems almost impossible with the amounts of beads they are giving out.

Edit: takes 444 to complete map so looks like I will have enough. But after that nope. Each tournament averages around 165 and they don’t run three tournaments every two days. So something is definitely off.


Addiction is an evil pos, sad to see these addicts gamble away so much for pixels to feed an ego but it is what it is sadly. Great game at its core, love zombies, love TWD and i love RTS but just ruined by both the company and community, at least this is a lesson learned for me to avoid mobile gaming and to be able to see things before they happen like the s class reset for example


This is the plan… Now have a look at this offer for beads :smirk:

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Lol… what offer? For Zhu? Lmao. This is what happens when you put a meaningless toon. I’ll take whatever I can get from stash and raid and call it a day.

Bonus beads?

From the miserable Sergio event… I sadly still belonged to SC up until this month.

Seems as though you should have enough to compete the roadmap with SR milestones and Faction level up milestones but eventually it will run dry.

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I am 114 short after getting all the level up and the SR.

There’s a faction level starting before this map ends I believe.

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Can you please address the shortage of energy for this map. Or do you expect people to pay.


is this a rhetorical question? :joy:


Pretty sure we all know the answer to this sadly

Will do what I do best
Ignore this event cause it’s shit lol


The amount used on each stage is a joke

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Ha ha ha.
Like it’s gonna matter.
That loser has nothing to do with getting anything done.
He needs to be looking for new employment the way its going at scopley.

More beads in Thursday’s faction lvl up milestones.