Joined a different Region and now I can't access my main account

My lead is stuck in a reboot cycle after trying to transfer devices, like its stuck mid way thru… Any help please would be great as the only thing support does is scream show us that you have spent money, not my leads fault she is stuck in a loop cause scopely cant get it together.

This, over and over. Starts the game and gets this

Try re downloading the game?

Re downloaded, cleared cache, etc. Seems ro be an issue going around right now, no matter what she is stuck in that loop with that screen pop up like mid transfer

@Shawn.Scopely @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely any help please?

What’s going on with people being stuck in a loop making the game unplayable? You all really need a new way to link/save game progress, transfer accounts, etc. Im nervous to move to a new phone cause of this exact stuff.


And how do i prove that im the owner if i dont have a reicipt, i provided my facebook and everything
Every f2p user has the right to get their account back
Sorry for my broken English ;v

I agree, actually, it’s wrong. But it’s also completely off-topic for this post.

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It’s fixed now

I have the same problem. Has anyone managed to solve this?

Nope, seems to be an issue going on and we all get ignored or we get bot support saying show us a receipt. JB and GR dont even come here anymore lol LG is our last hope of anything

Same problem here. I even tried an uninstall with no avail. Very frustrating.

Its not the device, scopely did something cause of the skull token issue and now a lot of people cant play, instead of being adults and explaining whats going on, fixing it, etc. We are told to needed to have spent money. Good thing some of us have alt accounts and not a penny more will be spent.

I can’t play for 2 days. I have lost the login possessions and events. I already contacted Scopely but it did not solve the problem. Did I lose my account?

I had the same problem Cordeiro. It took support close to 24 hours to fix mine.

you don’t need to spend to have a receipt for the game for scopely. when you initially download the game, Google or Apple or whichever play store you use issue a purchase receipt to your history. that is as much proof as scopely need. I’ve switched devices a lot of times since game launch. always keep a copy of account code, screenshot of purchase from play store and a note of what it classes as your main region and in game name for said region. that’s all you need. takes between 12 hours and 7 days for account retrieval if not instant

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