Joined a different Region and now I can't access my main account

So one of my faction mates wanted me and a few others to join him in a different region. I joined a different region but now I can’t get passed the tutorial screen and I also can’t access my main account which I’ve been playing daily for about 2 years. What’s going on? Who do I contact to gain access to my account again?.

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Why can’t you get past the tutorial? Sounds like you pressed join rather than transfer, so just made a new account on that region

I’m not sure. I clicked on join and not transfer in a new region. I thought if i joined a new region i would still have access to my main account\region. The game keeps crashing after I kill the first set of zombies. I’ve tried uninstalling the game and nothing seems to be working.

Some of our people are stuck as well #coingate2019

The locked it temp I bet until the program could be changed.

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Do you know how long this lock-out will last?

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I mean aww that sucks

Ah I understand now. Sorry thought you were trying to transfer. I have no clue

Yea this is the first time I tried joining a different region and now this happens smh. Anyone have scopelys contact info?

Probably until they.roll back the coins. Do not spend coins

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I can’t get passed the tutorial screen in this new region I joined. All I want is to have access to my main account lol.

Please open a ticket with support. If they get a bunch of tickets in from multiple players, they can escalate quicker.



I sent them an email about 5 minutes ago and they want me to provide an account number. I can’t provide an account number because I can’t get passed the tutorial phase of the game.

Tell them you don’t have a record of it and provide in game name, region, faction, and level for your main account. They can find your account.


Perfect, thank you!

It’s hot when you get all customer support, js

Lol that happened to me around 4 months, i provided everything and they said that a needed a bill of any purchase that i made on the game to “find it quickly” since i was f2p i couldn’t provide that they stopped responding… I lost my account and i just started again, goodbie to my 6* toons and goodbye to 1 year of efforts

To restore an account to a different device, support requires a receipt to prove you’re the owner of the account. These people are not asking for that.

Those stuck in limbo try going though that first mission again. Faction mate and myself just got through and are back on our mains. Could be fixed or it could be we sent support tickets with our account info.

Either way your not lost.

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