Join the Beta & New Features Chat!



The public beta is launching soon with the game’s newest feature: Leagues! The Beta & New Features Chat, a channel dedicated to researching new features whenever they enter beta, is open for anyone to join. Beta players very graciously share the info they have with players who want to help pour over the new feature before it enters the live game. The Beta & New Features chat is found within the Discord Library, so if you’re already there, you already have access! For anyone not yet in the Library, the invite link above will take you directly to the #beta-features channel. In addition, @JB.Scopely will be around whenever he is available as he is a staple member of the Library.

Join today and get all the details on the game’s newest feature! or


Can’t wait. Dont care if its p2w. I’ll only be mad if it ends up like territories


Lets keep the forum dedicated the the forum… why all the links elsewhere?


Thanks for the bump :slight_smile:

The Discord chats are an alternative that allow for a different type of conversation. Some players prefer talking to other players in an actual chat client, and there are numerous recruiting threads with links to other places to continue the conversation. JB himself has shared links to the Discord chats, so I don’t think there’s any problem.


I think its a big problem as well as a pain. Why advertise other methods of information on the forum? why cant that information be shared here.
and the bump was and unintentional consequence of replying to this topic


This forum is great for some types of communication and information sharing and weak in other ways. I will never ever curate any sort of library on the forums nor move my faction chat here - there are better platforms for these types of communication.


Those platforms can be used for chat or for other purposes but they don’t need to be posted on the forum everyday. If people liked using those platforms wouldn’t they already be on said platform and not on the forum? All these posts are just recruiting people to leave the forums.

And that is just CRAP! the latest details and newest features should be here on the forum not somewhere else…


I don’t think you understand. This information in the library and in the beta chat is shared by the players, who have absolutely no obligation to discuss and share information on the official forums. It’s my choice if, when, and where I communicate, regardless of where other people think I should share info.


This game doesn’t need anymore discords, it needs a MySpace


like I already said, you can post your information anywhere you want, the work you do is great for the community and the links and pictures are helpful. The posting of recruiting links and discord chat links multiple times to try to fill someones own ego is a little over the top. I believe Discord is bad for gaming communities is because it engenders a loss of a sense of community in the first place. Being part of a Discord community isn’t special, and it takes zero investment. All you do is click a link and you’re in. The Forums are supposed to be a community and this is the exact opposite of that


ya maybe @Justin can start us a MySpace and a Tumblr maybe a Pinterest page or a Linkedin account?



Don’t worry @Rl8-C4G3 I got you!