Join taylor for free rewards


Guys I got kicked from a faction and am trying to spite them
Join Taylor because the rewards are easy and quick we smoked the competition miles high


List of reasons why I would select a new region

  1. Because some butthurt dude on the forum wants to seek some sort of revenge
  2. Nothing else matters


Faction SR? That’s dead!


The region is ripe for the picking lol do whatever you want


your tear stained mattress needs a cleaning.


Say whatever you want brotato chip just putting it out there thatbthisbregions ripe for the taking


you got kicked probably because you sucked and dind’t meet minimums for your faction. let’s rage!


No believe me I am god tier player I just got my axel tier 2


Good job kid :joy::joy: don’t cry please​:joy::joy:


I already know Taylor is a dead region. I left there. So did the other top factions. There are many regions like this. Im sure they feel they are on top of the world there lol.


Best comment of the day


Not gonna lie, this cracked me the f up :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


I died too. Good call.


Grow up kid lmao


Nope not at all


They do.


I see free rewards if I join is some1 going to spend me a free 6* or something


Might wanna leave the region tho riley, everyone saw this and youre on the shit list. Told you and your butt buddy if ya wanna play i will play also, just cause youre 13 doesnt mean i wont troll you kiddo, no one cares about your cry for help, no ones coming to save princess riley, you got kicked for your dumb ass mouth as well as your actions. Life will hit you one day, real lifes not a video game, so hopefully you grow up before then. Anyways stay salty, i like a lil on my popcorn. Anyone have cheese?


Ok thanks brotato chip for the heated paragraph glad you care so much about me :wink:


Hey hey hey lets all settle down and watch fresh prince of bel air starring me, Carlton Banks