Join edgefield.... we all play nice


As the title says … join edgefield… it’s not open yet but from the Intel I gather regions dont open for transfer until they are aprox 1yr old… so… in 2 months or less… join us.

We are worth the wait



like he said


actually wasnt a bad region, i might stop in and play a week or 2 again and see how far behind i am now


Lol can you really trust someone who is called “Ebola”


I was ebola in disease fac in paulding… founder of disease… I am now Chuck Norris in edgefield and Kershaw (Kershaw when I’m bored)


hmm, I think I can trust Chuck Norris then :thinking:
hmmmmm :thinking:
Besides, Chuck Norris would give the Ebola the Chuck Norris disease …hmmmm :thinking:

Also…Do I say “hmm” a lot of times? hmmm :thinking:


Hmmmm you sound familiar… hmmmm


well, im behind on weapons thats for sure, mods i can live with for now but, so far things dont seem to bad there


Maybe someone can fix my name for me… I’m often known as Eb… rather than Ebola. Now ppl call me Chuck lol…

Dunno who to ask… the last person who fixed my name was kalishane



Careful what you wish for. When edgefirld opens it will open to three year old teams looking for newer and active regions.


Another future recruiting post without knowing any information. :sleeping:
lets all wait for the rage post when this doesnt happen


I thought Edgefield opened in January or thereabouts?


I was running top fac in edge for 2 months… was in it for first 4 months… I dont care who comes. I left top fac to help noobs… not become a prize junkie lol… it’s way more fun that way imho


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