John Dorie S class petition

Hello there! I would like yo know how many of the people here in forum will be interested in one of the most badass characters in the walking dead universe.

Let me know below…



Nope, comics/video games universe only


that show is the worst thing since sliced hitler


Scopely doesn’t own the rights to the walking dead show and characters, AMC does. Scopely can only use comics/video game stuff. You can’t just go around stealing whatever the hell you want these days.


Calm down buddy, respect the forum.

If you think carefully they had similar toons in style like kapoor maybe ir won’t be john dorie, but ay least something similar

I’d love to see this, but sadly the trademark issues is a problem. AMC wouldn’t allow it, even if it resembled John Dorie it could be a legal issue they won’t take a chance on. Best hope is that releasing a similar idea looking toon like you said Kapoor, Rick, etc. I hope to see it too :slight_smile:


Pretty sure they dont want to pay for no rights when they can create a rip off character instead :grinning:


If it aint Kenny we riot

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A similar character/backstory would be a nice addition. Konrad with the dual shotguns is a comparable character.

I honestly don’t even know who this Dude is. On the positive site it’s atleast not another Daryl Request.

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Axel Dixon Petition

Give the ppl Kenny already. Why must you make them beg?

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