John 4* (sheild)

John 4* (sheild) when he uses his rush the bonus hp is aplayed on one toon but not to himself


it says “this character and 1” teammate gain 40% bonus hp. :thinking:

Yes, it clearly says one teammate gains pain split and 40% bonus hp

It says THIS character AND one other . That’s way I am confused

@CombatMan @CombatDevIl

@Agrajag can you confirm the expected behaviour here? Description is not clear.

You are right, my bad. well, that looks like a bug then…

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What in the post isn’t clear?

hp is aplayed on one toon but not to himself

I think he regards to the description of characters rush

Ah he was addressing someone else who isn’t in this thread. right

Yeah should be applying to both, will look into whether its a data fix or a @CombatDevIl fix


where’s estella when you need a proper 4 star shield…

Oh. she was sold and never to be seen again…


Thank you for clarifying . I think I would never bought him from museum if it is a bonus hp just for one toon and not to the John. Hope you fix this :slight_smile:

Another low coding skills mistake, great job Scamly :+1:

was using johns last war. s2 team getting its fair share of defends all war. and no tyrese is not the answer. mf wasnt one shotting anything :smirk:.

Think there should’ve been an update pushed out late yesterday that fixed this guy. Let me know if it works for you. :slight_smile:


Works fine for me now thx

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