Jfox75 2 Weeks of Misery


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Yeah no tldr.


screenshots were the easiest way to post this

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whats up kodak…

I was in asstastic with you for a little while

I thinking using blue stacks or any other emulator is a violation of TOS. Anyone know for sure?

Its not in the TOS

Believe me I read it.


I just checked, it would be captured here:

  • Create, use, offer, promote, advertise, make available, and/or distribute exploits, cheats, bots, software, hacks, mods or any unauthorized third party code or software that can be used to interfere with, alter or modify our Services, or that can be used in conjunction with our Services.

Emulator would be software “that can be used in conjunction with our Services”.

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Yes. Only if youre using it for nefarious reasons

It doesn’t actually say that. The “or” sets it up for any third party software you use with the game, regardless of purpose or intent.

No. Read it again

@JB.Scopely help a brother out!

This can happen to who uses emulator. I’m no the best to explain I think @LadyGeek can

Scopely, get in here and answer. This is some grade A bullshit right here.

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That really sucks, wish I had something better to offer but that just sucks

Flawed account authentication process it seems to me. Security issue