Jesus green (5 stars) human shield

Hello! I saw a picture showing jesus green human shield as an ascendable character. Is this true? Do you know when this character will become ascendable? Thanks.

Do you have this picture by any chance?

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Unfortunately not. A friend from my faction shared it on line in a discussion. There was 3 other character i remember : Lori , and i can’t remember the two others

Another hilarious trolfering brought to you by @Kodak_black and @Wanderer

Catch us for our next act where we make ftp toons disappear. Beware Rick and Douglas. Your time has come and gone.


wait five minutes i try to find it

it makes too long time sorry :frowning:i can’t find the picture

without pics we cant tell you if that real or not


i am not sure but it is possible that there was vk written on it. (excuse me i don’t speak very well english i am french)

All 5* are to be made ascendable sometime in the far future.

Did it happen to show 3 characters for each trait on it?

There was a picture like that which I think someone said it was fake.


Funny guy we got here. A real comedian


This picture was an obvious hoax.

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That would be sick as my Brother got him for me on my Birthday :grinning:

Omg in all the world there is always someone for saying bad things… i don’t care if you don’t believe me. You must have a poor life to spend time for answer bullshits.

I wasn’t even talking to you, mate. I was talking to the dude who said “All 5 stars will be ascendable,” as that is an incredibly obvious lie. Cool down, if it’s not directed at you don’t take it the wrong way. Capiche?

oh excuse me! i am sorry man

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It’s all good. An honest mistake! :wink:

It was also stated in the ascendance Q&A when ascendance first dropped. Plus, he’s being a bit tongue-in-cheek about it, quoting something Scopely said that’s obviously not going to happen.

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