Jessie Anderson .. Hang on a sec

Correct me if I am wrong… But was Jessie put into the tower, taken out and BUFFED for 200% defence, then placed back in??

Now working as intended?

No. She was never out into the tower. She was bugged according to her leak.

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She was in the live tower with a much more toned down version. Had her in my game.

She was pulled then buffed.


Really? That’s so wild. I thought she was buffed before being out in and that players were just comparing her to the leak. Smh. I mean, I still think she’s meh but it’s not good when they won’t buff f2p toons.

She really was in the ascendance tower. I remember looking at her, and the next day she wasn’t there anymore. And now… drum rolls… She finally comes out looking OP in her new, shiny “outfit”. :wink:

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Yes, the “leak” was in the tower for a few hours, removed and returned buffed

I believe it. Oh well. She’s a welcome sight for me. The less payback, bide and outlast toons I see, the better.

But doesn’t she make those toons even harder to beat? :thinking:

Again. Depends on skill level. She has rushed against me once in 30 friendly raids.

7 chars

I killed her turn two so no active skill.

Lol fair enough :ok_hand:

I’m in one of the biggest pulling factions, and she doesn’t seem to be a hot commodity. I’m sure we will see some, but not to the level of the recent premiers.

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