Jessie and Romanov

Dear oh dear…
So the whales get stronger while the free to play get a shite character who’s worse than a gen 1 toon!!

Scopely have taken players united and thrown it in the bin with false promise’s and more lies.

I think that’s me done now, good luck to you all that still play, I really hope it gets better for you! :crossed_fingers:t2::raised_hands:t2:


15 similar threads weren’t enough?

Haven’t even looked at any other threads, didn’t know I had too to post :man_shrugging:t2:

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Romanov gets dogpiled use a shield nope using Ajax just lowers my attacking power to useless.
He’s bad and needs an update like gen 1 stats should be brought to gen 2.

Well at least f2p are getting the best attacker in the game… Sergio. He’s gonna change the game for f2p.

These balloon collections are a clever way of getting people to make a microtransaction. Smh

there’s no guarantee sergio will be free. just look at today’s raid rewards and if you grind out the 2400 points you dont get enough balloons for a pull. seems to me shitely has shown its hand early on this one. its moving rapidly to pay to play if you want to compete with the pay to play people. Im that far behind with toons now Id need to talk to the bank manager to try and catch up. and now that some like charlie seem to be nerfed, its escalating or deflating whichever way you look at it


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