Jessie and Romanov whats the deal with these toons buffs

So you guys buff the crap out of Jessie and with Romanov it’s just like whatever

Jesse was buffed prior to release romanov had already been released

She was in tower and removed

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you must not understand what prior to release means…

Oh… So they can’t modify a released character?
You’d better tell them ASAP.

They shouldnt, why who are they modifying that has already been released?

Duh wanderer

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they didnt buff him DUH


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Maybe you should look up modify in your dictionary

oh you mean fixing characters? ya thats different than buffing them

Maybe you should read my posts better

Oh… So they can nerf released characters.
Meaning they can MODIFY them.

We knew and hated romanovs stats before release too. But he won’t net much money do who cares what we think.

yes they can MODIFY characters that are not working properly, they wont BUFF characters that have already been released

Are you Scopely employee to be so sure?

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Absolutely, just found out in another thread that @lazuhiyaxa thinks the players deserve how they are being treated because they treat Scopely ‘awfully’ in the forums.
Literally screaming Scopely bot.

No didn’t buff him, just neutered him because he was a ftp toon

Falafel sighting?


not just the forums, line, discord, it takes away anything good they may think of doing for us but hey its worked for the players the last 4 years… oh wait…