Jerk move or not?

So I have a secondary region in which I have only 5* and don’t care to go further. I even work this team towards SR zero. Anyways I’ve been doing fairlydecently in a few level ups, and even get on the board for raids . Today I won 2 uslyusses a Lilith and a fast trainer. Well I sold them all to the supply depot. Then I thought you know I think I stole someone’s trainers. I mean if I didn’t get so high. Someone else would have gotten them. So is what I did a douche move or not? Did I steal others winnings?
What do you think?

Not really you worked for the rewards so you deserve them.

Nah. Others can work for em if they want em.

The biggest issue in this game right now is the complacency that’s set in.


“The complacency that has set in”

My god! Round of applause to how true this is, everyone is just settling for anything at this point

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A trophy for you and a trophy for you everyone gets a trophy

You earned the reward. That’s kinda the whole point. Maybe anyone who whines about it should get a participation medal, like for children.

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