Jeremiah owners


Is he good / bad on a defense team?

I don’t recall running across any on a defense team, curious how useful he is? His special could be great, but without seeing it in action is hard to define.

I could see him on a windowless Erika, hershel, Rick, siddiq, Mirabell team but don’t sure if he’s any better than governor or other reds in that line up


he bad. i mean average


No owner but most 6*s are average at this point.

No issues facing him on def teams…


I don’t own him, personally, but I’ve faced him on whale/cheater defenses.

He’s not very impressive on defense. His gimmick, Outlast, is meant to allow him to rush before dying, but his rush isn’t that good on defense, and he doesn’t dispel debuffs when his health reaches 0, so he can be stunned, confused, impaired, etc prior to being killed to eliminate the threat of a parting shot rush.

On offense, I’m not sure I’d use him. His gimmick is only useful if he dies, which shouldn’t be your goal.


Shame. If he still doesn’t pop he’s useless. Only wanted him for that reason with Rick debuffing players attacks, need defense down cause the damage output is so low on Erika teams


His def down proc is useful, however most Erika teams are weak on attack.


Outlast does not allow him to take his pot-shot if he’s stunned, and if he’s impaired, it’ll be a normal attack.

Having said that, I think his rush is top 2-3. -70% def to three is utterly devastating. He’s the only premium 6* I own, and he is fantastic. Idk why people are throwing so much shade his way.

Edit: I have a stun gun with huge AP when attacking and 33% defense for him.


Really? Huh. I guess I can see that. I don’t know, I had him rush on me only one time on defense, and it didn’t seem to do much to stop me from winning.

I could see that helping a lot on offense though. My apologies for underestimating that aspect of him.

As a Jeremiah owner, do you feel he’s worth the 100?


He has uses.

If you are already a spender, why would you not purchase him?

I am scared to spend any money on this game until I see a better direction from Scopely.

However for a guaranteed 6* you could use on a red team right away, why not.


Objectively, the offer for an ascended 6* is probably the best one so far.

He’s worth it if you can’t beat tank teams when raiding, have $100 to burn, and 9 AR trainers to max his rush asap. Outlast is pretty useless, but I think you get credit for him being “alive” in war, if he’s been killed and the next turn you finish the raid.


This right here.

He really does end a fight if you can keep him alive to rush and then pop Mira’s rush.

Its easier to keep him alive to rush for Def down, than say trying to keep Magna alive to proc.

I will say Magna is a better rush, but he is a 6* and has a much easier time staying “upright”


Not planning on buying him myself, but curious to see if he’s THAT good on offense. I use stun, impair, and confuse to lock down opponents and punch through high defense with Ty.


Nothing a blue ty or alpha can’t fk up in turn 1


I think he is. Even against blues, if he has a stun gun, they’ll prioritize him as a target and usually stun themselves before he dies.


That’s true on defense, but there are few, if any, OP defense builds currently.


I do that with Mira, but she can be one shot by a Double tap Ty.

I don’t have trouble beating tank teams, though I do miss using Yellow choices Dwight to reduce the defense of a toon by 80% to make the next rush finish them off. Sounds like he’s similar.


That’s not what we are talking about.

I have attack teams that “punch” through everything as well.

Defending attacks in this game is about weapons and luck now.

I am merely discussing the usefulness of him on Attack only.

He rushes, Mira rushes, 3 people die. and the fight is over.

I only look at WAR teams nowadays, everything else is too easy.

Raids, boring…SR boring (but rewarding)…LVL up, boring.

I want fast , useful and deadly war teams.


The whole game is boring now tbh


That’s a great comparison. Now think of that x3 :wink:


But minus the stun, so the primary target can counter rush unless they’re killed. Second and third targets don’t take damage right? So they can’t counter rush, and a guardian shield won’t stop it. That actually isn’t bad at all.

I dislike the random aspect of the “up to x enemies” rushes. Never goes to who I want it to. I’d probably do Ty-Jerry-Mira in that order to wipe in 3 rushes and eliminate the randomness.