Jeremiah? Good or waste of time for me?


jeremiah is definetly worth it on attack teams unless you have a p2p toon that gives a better debuff, really makes life easier


Def down characters are great and seriously underrated. -70% def can take a character with 4000 def down to 1200 def, equivalent to a 5 star. At that point they’ll be easy to take out, especially if you have other rushes ready to go off.


What would you prefer here? I know it’s not ideal but he hits not that hard at all, so maybe focus on main trait damage with hp atk mod? Hope I get some gold atk mods :slight_smile:
But 1-2-3?


Jeremiah is more of a support character, his rush helps everyone else hit harder. I wouldn’t bother with attack personally, focus more on def/hp to help him stay alive longer.


Like this ?


Yeap exactly, that looks pretty good.


With a gun like that

And with the mods like that!


Yeah because I guess it’s great give him advantage of the trait you know, he is red so attack towards green, as he is not Jesus then the advantage against opposit trait is the best mod for him so he can make a little damage to green


tbh jermiah time is gone now he is JER…MEhh


This guy is amazing :slight_smile: he is only tier2 atm and help me a lot. Now I just acseend decap sandy, she is maxed at tier1 (need a walkie) then it’s begin to look ok :point_down:

And which mod setup would u choose for JER :slight_smile::point_down:


Focus on HP instead of defense and give him either a leader skill or weapon that gives a huge bonus to AP when taking damage, the main thing going for him is his rush.


Jeremiah sucks


Like this ? :point_down:


Perfection! Though a resist mod to stun/impair would be preferable. Maybe in the future!


Yes - would u still have attack mod or replace it with def silver and def gold (hp mod in the future) ?


Replace it with those, yeah, as nobody cares about Jeremiah’s attack, all they care about is his rush going off.


Exactly :slight_smile:

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