Jeremiah? Good or waste of time for me?


What did that have to do with the thread @PlatinumChip ?


Likely the confusion between the two blue Dwights.

As for Jeremiah… He’s a very legit option for non-OP teams… which need anything to drag down sheilds or those crazy stat toons.
I pair him with Miraboobs + Lori + healer + shiva and they can tear through melee teams


Governor’s neutralize makes him a priority over Jesus for me. While Jesus does had impair guns, Jeremiah can easily wield a stun gun. Jesus is good at best for killing at most 2 enemies in a short span time, assuming he uses his AR once, then uses his active for a 2nd AR after. By throwing in Jeremiah, he already sets up 3 enemies for easy kills. I doubt Jesus’ 700% dmg is needed unless you’re fighting buffed up teams. Or maybe it is needed, but we’re talking in hypotheticals really, so that’s just my opinion.


Oh i thought tht was the other dwight Cool


That makes great sense, I can try it you know, but will feel sorry to spend lillith on Jeremiah and not use him loool


I used him for this war with Davie cut through a lot of toons, just need a better decap :ok_hand:


Ah okay… sounds interesting :slight_smile:

I think that def down and def for team mates is quite cool, keeping decap and disarms alive


Almost everything…


Well people said they have trouble with tank teams, and -70% defense to the enemy is very devastating so…


Great on attack.
Not so much on defence.

As for your team he would for sure improve it. :grin:


U seem to have a goo idea of what makes for good team composition. The best way is always to do some testing. Even before leveling his rush i used him and for a long time he was the true mvp of all my teams. -70defense debuff and 70 buff plus recover confuse is not to be taken lightly. Especially if you added as mentioned possibly lori with attack buff, neut, and focus turn 2 to 3. That will cut through just about anything. Just need to take him on test drives and get a feel for him


Yep defense down -70 is no Joke Blast them with Jer follow up Finish With Sandy or dwight You could Just Replace Jesus or Governor as Impair really isn’t as useful anymore.


That should also very tempting :slight_smile: and -70% defense is kind of crazy, and disarm as well, could work great? Finnish of with decap etc


Someone thought the heal reduction Dwight was the double attack Dwight, which it isn’t, but their card look the exact same, so it has something to do with the thread mate


Ahh that clears it up, thanks to all who explained.


Hes still t1 lvl 1 5* in my roster , probably will never use him rarely see him and him and the double atk dwight look dam near the same but thx anyways :grin:


Double attack dwight is awesome. He clears any def buffs from enemy and gives 3 teammates attack buff. As for Jeremiah, debuffs are almost a necessity anymore when going against melee… so I’d definitely take out jesus and put Jerry in. You have enough firepower with Louis and gov. Especially when your rushing against enemies with -70 def.


Most under rated f2p toon , -70% defence to 3 toons , makes even tanks melt like butter


So you’ll use him :)?


Sounds also like a good plan, because gov gives impair :slight_smile: