Jeremiah? Good or waste of time for me?

What are your thoughts about jeremiah in that team?

Sandy Decap incomming as well :-)?


For your team, I would say no.

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He can replace jesus as his debuff is far better than jesus rush


Jerimiah is a great toon. His debuff and recover confuse are awesome. With new stat toons i suggest an attack buff as well. Pop attack buff, then jerimiah and mop up what remains


Oh wait no focus decap sandy, make that your number 1 focus

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So you would go atk mod on him? :slight_smile:

I have now sandy from last season store, and soon I’ll grab that decap from road events…

I did hp set with attack, and def. Need him alive to pop his debuff. He does hit 3 but hes not a glass cannon. Also if you have neuter lori instead of gov she gives attack and also hits 3. So possiblely pop Jerimiah then her. Once you have decap sandy mop up with her after

It worked very well, I kill almost everything. The 5 have anti-stun and anti-impair mods

I’d swap out Jesus for Jeremiah.

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And keep governor there ?

Of course. Neutralizes are essential for any team.

Andrea, louis,Jeremiah, gov and maybe dwight

Ah yeah ofc…

Then: Dwight lead - sandy decap - Luis disarm - governor neutralize - Jeremiah maybe

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Bro I don’t have Andrea :frowning:

U need a leader tht will benefit all ur toons dwight’s lead skill only applies to blues.

False. Not when ascended.

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No it’s all range bro… def and attack

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Scopely are just lazy and don’t even make the cards for the characters different. I thought it was the double attack Dwight as well at first.