Jeff Davis Region - what it needs to do to be ready for war


This weekend was Jeff Davis servers 1st faction event.

Looking around I’m seeing a lot of factions where the majority of their players have scored zero.
And this is a faction raid which means anybody who logged in even once over the weekend and won a single raid would not be at zero.

To me this is a clear indication that at present there are too many factions in proportion to the number of active players.

This means that come war a lot of factions are likely to be sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting hours for a party of 8 to fill and then they are going to be fighting those battles with most of both teams AFK.

If Jeff Davis wants to have a good war with plenty of active factions to match up against then it pretty much needs to have most of its factions cull all their zero scorers and merge with other factions that at least are populated with people who log on and play.


Okay, thanks for pointing this out…


players probably saw all those whales with 6*s and said


I think its more that people just piled into the server and then quickly found that they enjoy playing more with their hard earned rosters than they do with whatever 3*s they can scrape together and went back to the regions they came from.

But yeah, its already abundantly clear which factions will dominate the top spots.
However there is still room for maybe 10 functional factions (who are trying to make their way into the top 10), but certainly not the 40~50 surplus factions they have now…