Jeff davis crw or not?

Will jeff davis be a part of this crw??

Logged into my Jeff Davis alt account to see who they matched and there is no CRW screen or event chat?

@TheWalkerDude is this intentional?

Sometimes when you switch over to another region, it can take time for events to show up. I have a region like that… everytime I switch over there it takes up to 2 hours for it to show

I guess there isn’t one. Just asked in GC and nobody else has it either lol. I know they didn’t have Jeff Davis in the last CRW because it was still pretty new, but I thought they would of been in this one. Oh well!!

Just checked Augusta (ES) that was created on the same day as Jeff Davis and they were matched with three other regions for CRW. But JD got left out in the cold lol!!

Not dedicated enough


Sorry @Ultima

Crw sucks anyways u guys are lucky

Cullman, Jeff Davis, Taliaferro, and Bedford will all have a regular All Out War this weekend within their own regions as they need a bit more time to increase their team strength to be competitive.

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