Jebus Christ why are trainers so expensive?

A 5* star character you can use to your hearts content is 219,000 survival markers

A one time use 4* trainer that is gone when you use it is 195,000 survival markers

I. Do. Not. Comprehend


Well you get 5 for the low low price of 975k.

2500 token crate now 9000…is it the same amount??

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I dont update till forced…to many issues that dont seemed to get fixed

Let’s be honest, they didn’t really need to increase prices even with increased token gain. The non-monetary value of the items hasn’t changed


The amount of medals still exactly the same

Only reason they did this is bc so many had been saving markers for a long time. Had to devalue what players had previously earned before releasing Magna and Lee

Survival road sucks. That crate is now going to force players to play. Super annoying.

Trainers in that depot were horribly overpriced, even for Scopely standards.
This just makes it worse.

not.only that lee depo.specific.gear…

prolly 6months or coinnrefresh to.level then up

Not me. Just gonna stop buying the crate and stop playing SR at all. It’ll take a little longer i know, but I’ll get my markers for Magna and Lee gear from SR tourneys. But at least I won’t have to deal with daily SR bs.

zombies will be in sr events too…

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Pretty sure they doubled the coin cost to refresh too. Used to be 200 coins iirc. Now 400.

You sure? They specifically only said Daily SR is being updated

its scopely they dont specifically anything

This is true. We will have to wait and see I suppose. If they do tho, I guarantee fewer people will be buying refills.

I doubt I’ll be buying the gear to level either. An extra couple of hundred stats on a shield won’t make much of a difference.

its 1.3m fully unlock and upgrade them hope you guys pulled mags from them few buck token wheels they use to do.

In beta there was a Sr event and it was changed… not sure where it said only daily sr

The pinned post about the update. They only talk about daily SR that i saw.

That’s so disappointing to hear though…