Jbscopely epic characters

Dear jbscopely theres a rumor going around that if you keep your 5 stars, once scopely releases said characters 6 star, that character will be updated and become an ascendable. Is this true or can we dismiss this foolish idea. Itd be great if it was true.

Yes, it’s true and has worked this way since Ascendance was first released.


This has been true for well over a year now.

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Thank you high power. No need for rudeness. Truth is ill be playing for a year in 4 months.

yessir one day they will have the honor of being a 6star minus Derik

This is totes true.

I had a 5* donny, I woke up one morning and he had become ascendable. Overnight. Without me doing anything.

When one of my faction pals told me this could happen I was like “you have blown my mind”. And then it did happen and any little doubts I had went away.

He’s still a 5* now ascendable donny cos I dom’t Have enough benedicts to level him up but that is another forum thread entirely.


I have about 4 5 stars mirabelle yellow red rick green negan and a few others. Oh and red carl any idead when they will be updated. Like a list.

I have yellow jesus and red rick from whispers into screams when will they ascend?

You have to wait there is no specific date

I honestly can’t tell if this is a troll thread or not :thinking:


Why do you think its a troll thread.

Because I assumed everyone knew about acendance at this point.

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Are we playing the same game?

I’m confused this cannot be real surely!

Plenty of troll threads. This is more useful than most. How was war btw. Keep getting stronger and now im just getting beat up by literaly top rank factions.

Ascendance is certain

Ill prob start another thread on the horrible experience of getting beat by top rank factions that are way too over powered. Like numbet 1 anf 2 should just duel it up all weekend and leave the rest of us alone

Dont have the whale gif on tank whoever does please post it

Youve really upset some people here by asking a question and i love it :hugs:

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dumb is you