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@JB.Scopely (I’ll tag you as if you haven’t been tagged enough times over the last couple of days).

So i guess the shit storm has quietened down a bit now (clever way of posting the announcement on Friday lol) and what most of us want to know is if that Andrea will be possible to be maxed within the free trail OR if not, then how long will it take?

Let’s be honest, she is the only reason why this club is even worth considering but the general consensus is(from what I’ve read so far) that if it takes longer than 3 months membership then most of those who would consider this “club” will pass on this great opportunity.

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So… Let’s imagine it would take more than 3 months. Do you honestly believe, they’d tell us in advance when a large amount of players already stated they’d give it a pass in this case? :rofl:

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Bring back kalishane

Looks like you need a special radio to get into roadmaps…i dont see this being a 2-6 day process. Im guessing 6+ months at best.

Why would they charge 25 bucks if you would get all the stuff needed to level Andrea in the free trial. I wish it were true but that’s just not gonna happen


well there’s a lot of guessing and lots of assumptions being made so im just asking a question

Has anyone “Maxed” Prestige Michonne? Exactly.

the answer is in historic precedent. I doubt anything will change…


reports from beta were only 1 radio gear map a week, so no way its can be days.

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Thats why I said 6+ months at best. Since some people are hoping within free trial period.

and guys dont take it the wrong way - im not asking for anyone’s personal opinions and guesses, plenty of threads with them already on this topic, i just tried to get his attention in a thread dedicated purely to that. Perhaps once we get a reply we can all bitch and moan

I think the best you can hope for is that they will give you the gear needed to get her to T1 as a 6* in that free trial, but that is doubtful in its self

I agree. We do need a lot of clarifications

ROFLMFAO sorry. i doubt that.

Look how long it takes to level up FA Tara. I bet it will take months to get Andrea maxed.

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@JB.Scopely GEAR??
Thanks. (Not paying)


$10 for 4 tripods yeah fk that lol


Why would a gaming company make a character that you can’t use for months on end? It’s ridiculous. I bet they will see radios to get her quicker than the 25 dollars a month. It honestly has nothing to do with keeping the membership, but the though of waiting six months for a toon is so stupid.

Yea I mean are they serious with that offer? What a disgrace.

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I mean I usually buy most offers and that one just has me scratching my head don’t understand what they were thinking of with making that.

Am I the only one?