JB.Scopely as a RTS character!


He’s also gonna be a villain in an upcoming RTS parody game I am making, since I did not have any sort of reference picture of JB, I simply made him look like an evil Justin Beiber!

Who looks the goofiest (any tier welcome)



Why that face? Lol


Yes !

6* Blue
Leader skill: All Blue and Green team mates all get 40% Attack and Defense plus a Huge bonus to AP when taking damage from Yellow or Red.
AR: deal 400 Maim damage, and Confuse 3 characters for 2 turns
Active Skill: Bleed

Back Story: The day started out like a Normal day for JB he was driving to work drinking a starbucks coffeee when he gets a radio alert that the undead have risen from the dead. He rushes to work the places is a mess only Kaley Shane and Kali Shawn (her sister) are still there he saves them from an zombiefied Laina who was bitten while trying to save dude who was a zombie all ready. He drives them out of the city picking up 2 people Ana, and Jimmy on the way, being unable to save her boyfriend/ boss Cenk Uygur, breaks down in the car.

The group makes it southeast now in Amboy, California the group plans there next move getting water, food, gas and batteries. and camping stuff. While JB, and Kaley go in to the town they encounter a group of hostel cult members and they have the fight them off. They do so with surviving, they find supplies at the local gas station and raid a few houses. Happy with their score they head back to see a heard of walkers and to see Jimmy, and Ana have stolen their car. Despite Kaley’s sister trying to stop them. JB fights off the closest walkers and the group take shellder in a house

that’s only part one.


I hope this doesn’t offend @JB.Scopely he’s a cool dude. And i’m sure he would survive the walking dead universe and even become a lead of a community


It isn’t really meant to be offensive, he’s still a villain though, I plan to make a toon of Kalishane too, though, let’s just say I don’t have much positive opinions torwards Kalishane like I do JB…


oh no JB is a good guy in this story TYT Ana, and Jimmy are th villians


Im still waiting for the @Dash character who abandons my team like he abandoned this game lol


Dash is the Primary antagonist for JB’s story. You’ll see.

I want to see a 6^ @Shawn.Scopely and 6* @Justabox