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Upcoming Game Updates: Promises for the Future - [Aug 14]


Over the past few weeks, we’ve spent a lot of time analyzing your feedback on the state of the game 102 and folding that feedback into an exciting series of updates that we have been working for a long time. Many of these changes should reflect direct responses to the suggestions and feedback that you, the players, have provided, as well as additional updates that we believe will make for a much better day-to-day game experience.

The below updates are scheduled to go live in the game the week of Aug 19th with the 21.0.0 update.

Please note, while there are many changes listed below, there are still additional game updates that we are planning to make that will further address the feedback that players have given us. Those additional updates are scheduled to launch later this Fall and we will share more info on them at a later date.

We’re also excited to update the community on the promised Player Council initiative. Thank you to the players who have agreed to participate in this program, which kicks off next week. We’re excited to work with you on the below update and future updates.

We feel that these updates are a major step forward in addressing the feedback we’ve received from all of you. We look forward to continuing to iterate on the state of the game to make sure it is an experience that everyone loves and believes in.

For an even more detailed view of these changes, please see the full changelog here 961.

Supply Depot:
Supply Markers:
Increased the odds of a 5-Star Ascendables appearing (now a 15% chance of a 5-Star Ascendable appearing in slots 7 and 8)
Updated and improved the 5-Star Ascendable fighter pool that can appear in slots 7 and 8
Removed fighters from the energy slot, added a chance at War Energy Refill
Replaced Trait Trainers with Legendary Trainers in Slot 2
Weapon slot updated to now only have 4-Star weapons
Survival Markers:
Combined Survival Road specific gear to one slot and increased the stock of that gear
Added Mod Scraps
Added Mod Boxes
Combined the 4-Star Survival Road characters and 4-Star weapons
Upgraded the rarity of Drug kits
Assault Markers:
Combined the collection items and tripled stock counts
Added silver/gold earrings
Added various tokens
Added Optional Weapon Crafting parts

Nice copy and paste. Care to add a point?

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Why there no changes in depot as you promised, pliz answer.

Yes and you?

Changes to the depot are coming in a week or something like that I can’t find the post anymore it’s not pinned

Nevermind I found it here you go

They sent an update on the 16th, and the rest will live on the 19th, they wrote so, so why are we being mocked???

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The depots didn’t refresh yet today I don’t believe.

They already said the depot will update today. What more do you want?

I’d like to point out the phrasing of one of the sentences tho:

“The week of Aug. 19”. It leads me to believe that the update won’t roll in exactly on the 19th though :thinking: it could possible be delayed nd go live aometime this week…

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They said week of the 19th so at some point this week it’ll go live

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Meh. Coins are more important if 90 % of progression is tied to rng wheels, what’s being done about that ?

Its 11:51am in California where their offices are how about letting them finish the workd day before you start crying and complaining


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