Jb is back.......woohoo


calander time i guess…like its gonna be new and exciting…


:roll_eyes: Yeah another solo SR can’t wait.

Watch out for those reflect damage stages and auto every other one. Loads of fun for everyone.


i auto every one using my very best toons


welcome back @JB.Scopely


Just in time to announce Blitz war this weekend, not cross region


glad he is ok. I was wondering if he got scopleyed while in CA.


Hit the nail on the head there! :joy::joy::joy:


It’s official lol. The text left his finger tips


You on that discord too? Hahhaa


And that Line


I’m not in the LINE chat, add me?


I would if i was in same group. I saw a screenshot from our faction rep


Oh hahaha. Oh well, the other chat would be the same I guess. No-one in my group is believing me :joy::joy:


yeah, glad, we’re emotional though too much hate on the forums. we don’t like some of the stuff going on lately but personally nothing on you. though you said we are crazy, lol.


Who cares if he is back really? He thinks we are tin foil hatters.


Exactly nobody really cares if someone returns :crazy_face:


Because thats exactly what you do when you have no reasonable defense.

You make said person(s) seem crazy to invalidate anything that is being said and of course make the less strong willed/minded question their own validity…

All further attempts at mind games to cast doubt upon anything coming out against them.

So sad…


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