JB I need my Garret please


Hi jb, i collected the 8k of candles in order to get green Garret and I only received anniversary tokens, could you please help us with this issue? Cause I’m not the only one not receiving garret. He would be very useful for me.

Garret is no go
Garrett issue candle event

Me too :rage: and my 3ys token


I have the same problem & the reason is not connection , that is only a issue if you did not recieve the cake tokens


Me too brother, me too…
and Support is on some bullshit about it


Same here ;( I worked hard for those candles


Me too TT I still don’t have mine. Earned 8k candles but they only gave me the reward for cake event and not Garrett. Support has been so useless about it


Very disappoint too… only tokens and still no Garret (8020 candles collected)…
Internet connection work for tokens but not for Garret?


They could at least say something like “seems like maybe we missed some people and we’re looking into it” … but all I hear is crickets.

Maybe we can debug this for them:

  1. I transferred during the event
  2. I earned candles and cake in both regions
  3. My candles and cake totals have been messed up the whole time.
  4. Since I transferred out of my original region, I have not been back.

Anyone else missing Garrett have the same pattern?


my players haven’t transferred and they had over 8k and still haven’t gotten garrett.


Yep, this seems very random. Happening to people who have and have not transferred.


My cake and candles collection got screwed up after transferring as well and I also never received Garrett @JB.Scopely


I haven’t got my garrett and I didnt transfer.


I never transferred, haven’t moved, received my 30 tokens but no 6* Garrett.


Hello, I also collected more than 8000 candles and I did not receive Garret, only the coins. How do I report the error? I dedicated myself during the event to nothing?


I also did not get the garrett


Igual. Recibi las insignias pero no el garret. Y junte todo lo necesario.


The issue isn’t transferring. It’s a managing company that doesn’t understand stable infrastructure and how to run customer support.

This just doesn’t happen in other games I play.


Same issue here…haven’t received my Garrett either just the tokens


I have 2 people who transferred prior to part 2 of the event & no Garrett so thats not it.


Yo tampoco e recibido el garret y tenia mas de 8k de velas solo recubi las monedas