Jason's Assault Rifle stacking question

If you changed 3rd slot to +45% attack on opponents over 50% hp, would it stack with the 4th slot +50% attack on opponents over 50% hp or would it just take the highest?

Anyone know?

I think this is the first weapon where the 4th slot can clash with the 3rd slot in this way since the 4th slot is more like a 3rd slot ability than a 4th slot one.


I don’t know but I am curious now


Priya and her 15/35 holding friends are incredibly curious.

It will stack … its just like amber’s weapon :blush:

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Are you sure? Amber hasn’t got a 4th slot on hers as default and I’m not sure you can get a +attack when opponent is x% hp on a 4th slot by craft.
I understand that the normal attack boost and the +x% attack against opponent when x% hp will stack, but will both +x% against opponents when x% hp stack together?

I would not assume they stack but both get applied from base stats.


Just to make sure I understand what you mean, so saying for example the attack stat was 5000. You think it would probably be 5000 + (5000x0.5) + (5000x0.45) rather than 5000x1.5x1.45?

Not as effective as I hoped if that’s the case but as long as the higher doesn’t simply cancel out the lower I would still consider buying the gun from the store.

Yes. That is it. It wouldn’t multiply an already multiple stat

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Ok thanks Bane!

That would mean that it would in this case multiply mods since they are part of the base stat once in a raid right?

I believe mods operate independently as well. Everything usually works off the base stat of a character

Just to ensure I’m getting your definition of base stats right for my understanding - if the character has a 50% lead, a 45% weapon and 4 toons surrounding it with 15/35 weapons, all of these are allocated before the raid starts, in the team building screen, so these would be considered part of the base stats right?

So the 45% and 50% increases when opponents hp is above 50% being applied separately, will look like the following when everything is accounted for:
(taking a 5000 attack toon)
5000x1.5x1.45x1.15^4 = (19020 base stat)
19020 + (19020x0.5) + (19020x0.45) = 37089 attack when attacking opponents with 50% or more hp.

I have the set up wepow in question;

I try with Prya and when you first hit will count 45% attack and 50% attack bcs both apply over 50% hp, but once enemy below 50% no boost and both 3rd and 4th slots are obsolete.
First impression is that it’s a powerful weapon with a strong attack hit , but not really compared with rampage effect. with Prya 1st hit is great but 2nd and 3rd hit may be just a 30% attack from the wepow unless you kill enemy with 2 hits maybe 3rd hit goes to a character with over 50% and boost would apply again.
I didn’t try wepow with other single hit rush character yet , I will try to see if boost rush attack drastically or not.
Originally i was trying for the 20% attack/Ap boost, I think that better suit this wepow since 3rd and 4th slot kind of meh.


Excellent! Great feedback - thank you! Have you tried it on Priya with her as the lead surrounded by 15/35 weapons?
I do have rampage on her default bazooka but thinking this one could work quite well against those teams with huge ap when attacked Traders and Princesses where Priya’s Rampage can prove a huge liability. Especially in Onslaught. It should be getting her attack to over 40K (when attacking 50% hp toons) pre-mods.

Okey i misread the post … i thought he said will 4th slot +50%atk stack with 1st slot … my mistake :sweat_smile:

No problem matey, we’ve never had a weapon like it yet for 4th slot so easy misunderstanding.

No, the base stat is what you see with no mods or weapon effects. All those 15/35s build off the base. Mods are built of base and then added on top.

Need @LadyGeek to confirm I’m not wrong

Ugh. Math is hard. And I don’t have that weapon. Let me see what I can find out.

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Can you send me some video where you slow-atrack, showing HP after you hit someone with it? Probably need a few fights.

I just meant that all that goes off the base stat