January log in?

what will it be for ? is there going to be one ?

No one is around to acknowledge the missing FA tickets much less announce the new login reward.


they must be on holiday for christmas and new years

Your first January login prize is getting to pull for this disarm when being attacked promo

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Lmao wow disarm while being attacked hahahaha

he holds the gun weird. I’m not expert but shouldn’t you have no under the arm pit

Yea the gun is supposed to be against your shoulder. Design flaw I guess

Hahaha don’t care :man_shrugging: not the point of thread is “why is his he holding the gun weird”

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Wow you just got super defensive.

Naruto, the guy who made the thread, started the intial conversation about the handling of the gun.


He asked what will the login in be not the next promo

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