James needs a huge nerf! Way way too overpowered

OMG!! This toon is too OP. It is almost impossible to win vs James unless you have James on your team… sheesh Scopely


Or unless you have Cristã lol. Shouldn’t everyone have James or Cristã? Weird thread.


James dies fast and easy. Christa eats him up.


Answer -



You fear da James too bad you insulted him and pay the price as basically explained in verse
4:20 of the gator testament
"and thou who shall oppose gators latest chosen warrior James would suffer in a way which no mere mortal could comprehend for james had proven himself righteous by crushing the unholy heresy that was the Christia cult a a group of sinners which lacked redemption for they worshipped the traitorous heretic that was Christia… With a single stop sign James had laid gators will on the demons a wrath that meant they would be cast out to territories to suffer from the bugspawn for their rest of their dammed afterlife
It was said from this day forward that those who oppose James shall face swift justice from his holy forged stop sighn " Gerald 4:20


James is awesome, yup.NERD POWER!


James needs a huge buff! Way way too weak


For TWD RTS community he is trash so…good luck

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We rarely get something good for free in the game and when we finally got a powerful toon you want a nerf? Man just retire from the damn game and from the damn forum

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That’s Nice and all, but these verse defenitly is Clifton 5:30

No clifton 5:30 is “thou shall not participate in apoacplypse because time does not existith for that”

I’m pretty sure that’s Parker 7:10

James is murderous if you don’t kill first and he’s annoying to kill in right teams wish I took him over Christa she’s still good but james man

James is easyyyyyyy…in fact I taught him with charlie so hes almost dead so he can rush first turn

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Charlie that’s fin til someone’s made his crits do bout 3k on basic

Then Charlie is committing assisted suicide
He’s fun in my laopo team slah gov team
Slow but fun and only way I can get my ass round theese stevams team without getting rekt

I use a bleed team with ricefarmer and Shiva.Can get about 1.400 bleed first turn…1.800 if shiva activates

I think Clifton 5:30 says “blessed are the numbers geeks who can work through the complicated arithmetic to work out how to finish a roadmap. They shalt get their rewards (a sub-par toon) for their devotion.”

Right of course. Thanks for the Correction :wink:

No that’s the scopley testament
Get your religion right
angry old woman evangelist noises