James mod and weapon suggestions

Even if u had a weapon with splash damage it wouldn’t effect ap if it was a critical hit which then falls under collateral damage

CD doesn’t trigger splash damage…

I didn’t say it did I said that if u had a splash damage weapon and the hit was a critical hit it would then fall under collateral damage

No it wouldn’t lol please stop you are dead wrong reference combat mechanics. You need a brush up.

No matter what weapon it is if it is a critical hit it will fall under collateral damage fact

Because James has collateral damage

Do I need to video Bryan with splash weapon. To prove you wrong? Loser leaves forums. Splash != cd

Yes because it wasn’t a critical hit it was a regular hit smh ther is a difference

No one should ever listen you are an idiot and I’ve only felt that way about one other person ever on this forum. Have a great day stay wrong and bad…

thanks, was sthinking similar… have tons of cricket bats… let me know if that setup works well!

thanks everyone for your inputs!

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I picked James first time round loved him but was kicking my self for not picking Christa so I am glad I had the chance in the end

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this what I got I like it weapon could be better

I wouldn’t have replaced his 3rd like you did…

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