James mod and weapon suggestions

any suggestions please?

Thats my setup. Works well for me

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thanks, i keep reading refrence to stronger trait… is that refering to mods? since strong does not have attack with stronger trait in weapons?

Don’t level his AS. He is significantly better on defence when his AS isn’t levelled.
He’s really really good on a Laopo led def.
I’ve given him a critical set as he really benefits from that crit damage boost. Multi-attack Sclass tend to do more damage with crit sets than attack sets since crit sets are based on a percentage whilst attack sets are an arbitary number that doesn’t scale as the toon gets more powerful. I should really have given him a confuse resist over a stun resist as I don’t want him hitting my own toons.
I will be redoing his weapon to get huge ap on attack rather than very large.
The pic is from my Laopo team not raw.

You dont need crit chance mods, if you got platimun mods, use crit set, which is around 67%+ damage, with those, you should use attack that is about 1000, if platimun, life, defense against alert, impair or stun resist and defense if stunned or another crit%+ damage mod. This will make your james to be s4++ by himself

Works well for me but it’s still up to you. Confuse resist is also good for James.
My weapon is not perfect coz I haven’t got the critical success, I will reset it later, since armory tokens are rare and expensive atm.

Yes you should of picked Christa😂

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Just saying christa sucks James is 10x better toon. I know so many people that picked christa that are kicking themself because she is useless where as James is extremely useful


I don’t use either they both are mediocre. Angel was far better choice in recent update. If I had James id go crit damage though you are welcome.

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Depo him.

I use attack set mods on james since his collat damage is based on his attack applied to the initial target - not the critical hit damage. If you use crit damage set mods then he will do more damage to the primary target, attack set will do more of a spread of damage. I went with attack set -> attack, crit chance, attack vs alert, stun resist (multiple attack rush toons can be stunned) and either attack up when taunted or attack up when impaired.

Weapon wise I am trying to get the cricket bat from the 4* weapon tokens - 15% attack, 15% crit and a chance to splash 80% of damage to adjacent targets -> I would add crit, ap on attack, keep splash and when upgraded to 5* would add more attack to it.

Splash is dangerous it will set ppl off…

Collateral damage don’t add any ap to toons that are hit

James can also kill though - rampage on priya also charges ap and sometimes risks have to be taken to get rewarded.

It won’t hit like rampage though

collat damage does 100% damage around, splash is 80% with buffs and stuff high amount of damage - turn 2 rush with each attack having a chance to crit and splash - decent chances of kills - have some control around and i think you’re doing pretty good

Bro read two posts again…

The Adjacent Enemies do not gain ap from the damage (collateral)

No one is talking about CD adding ap it was regarding splash. Read better please.