James gold museum is about to end

What about is please ?

Like a lot of people I guess I don’t have enough to finish it, I’m 9/12 knives on the last level

Future characters will use gold bars/knives too so I’m assuming it will return very shortly


If you’re only at 9/12 you missed quite a lot of days.

Also I wouldn’t be counting on gold bars being used again as the only place I saw this ‘confirmed’ was in an often unreliable line chat source.

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I think @Parker said somewhere there would be extra roadmaps running if you were a bit short.

But 9/12 might not be what scopely considers « a bit ».

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I’m sure they will be available for purchase. No worries.

I can ensures some how it’s gonna be using again . Why ?
Simply cause SC members have a lot more enough gold bars for T4 a toons . So you want to tell me scopley was taking money and coins for free ? For months .
So …
And JB is an official source of information.

It’s about 12 days right?

I asked and the response erred on the side of positive but I wouldn’t say confirmed

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This is exactly what they’d do.

Just​because they’re taking money from the Suckers Club members, doesn’t mean those members are being given anything useful…

Haha especially with the release of s-class and 5* weapons they 100% get no benefit

Oh i see. Jeremy Corbyn has taken up his new “sitting on the fence job” already? The giveaway will be when a discussion allegedly about one thing actually involves a rant about the NHS being underfunded.

Thanks for replying though :slight_smile:

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Well at least he isn’t repeating the same slogan over and over and over like a broken record with no real substance.

“Get Brexit Do…”…errrr…wait… wrong slogan…“I’ll take it to the team”

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Wait. You mean Brexit didn’t mean brexit after all? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:. And promised fixes weren’t…

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