James gang any regrets?

He will be affective long term for walkers and other uses unlike crusts it won’t take long until they release a crazy high damage red toon that is way better than her or a crazy high damage blue toon to take her out which pryia already does just that

James is a complete animal he eats christa for lunch if you can’t defend red teams with him in a green team u need mod/weapon change

The only regret I have is not saving more rings lol

I get a lot of defends with James in my defense and yes most use christa

I get a lot of defends with my christa and theres a helluva lot of James’ involved. It’s a 2 way street my dude

Red do more damage to green not the other way around

My James does wonders for my team, behind Eric, Denise, Moira and Regina, you’ll have a hard time gaining much ap, and if you do, you played yourself with Moira, decap with Regina, and when you think you killed a toon, Eric for one revive, and Denise with the double revive, not to mention she heals and gives def for 4 turns, oh, and neutralize, don’t forget James is smacking toons down with a stop sign, lol yeah, Christa is no threat to me.

Add stronger trait to James and he’s litteraly just fuck yo trait die
Collat + trait is a cheap yet uber effective combo

They’re both good toons. Just depends on your set up.
I kinda wish i could have both :joy:

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Christa Cult any regrets?

Nah, if I could have had both would’ve. Christa just benefitted my team more by giving me even more damage than piper. I definitely saw the appeal of James though

Yea in the end it comes down to how you utilize the toon I do feel James is better though purely on the more universal nature of his makeup

Same here! Michelle makes Christa rush turn 2, so whenever facing James, he’s a goner turn 2, not being able to even use his AS. All I need now is Hengyen to replace Donny, and I’m all set!!! Or maybe Doc… he could definitely shave off at least 1 turn on attacks, making both Christa and Michelle rush turn 2!!!

Michelle is something of the past. Now she is either dazed or dogpilled & killed turn 1 most of the time

You’d be surprised…
Michelle is still top3 melee attack leads, in my book. Alongside a guardian Rick, she usually finishes all my fights alive, even when it takes more than 4-5 rounds.
As for Daze… you know there’s daze resist mods, right?! :slight_smile:

For attacks I agree she may still be useful, but for defence not really that much as she don’t give any defences of hp buff so any rush will kill your team easily and when you decide to tank her again she absolutely do no damage when rushing and besides stun with rush isnt really a thing now cus most most the team run stun resist or/and a character that heal stun

Using Michelle in a defense team would be foolish and I’d never do that! Stun for 2 turns while dealing massive damage isn’t really a thing now?!
Dude, many players use maim resist, daze resist, etc, now. So stun is the least of their problems. I’m a Diamond player and my Michelle still works. AP gain, massive damage when rushing and 2 turns stun to 2 opponents?! Sure… stun isn’t useful when fighting all those Christas with their focus… or Pryia, who has to be stopped or else she dazes you even when taunted…

I’m diamond 5 player been playing this game for more than 2 years and faced whale teams in the recent crws that all had 70% stun resist, was running piper but I stopped now cus most of them have highly upgraded stun resist mods they just kept resisting piper stun and that made me loose many matches

Wait… people use michelle on defense? Shes never been a defense toon save for that little period when nik came out. Even if not for her rush, her lead skill is still among the best in the game and likely will be until an S Class version of it is released

She is used massively on defence. well I’ve seen her mainly 2 or 3 of every faction we faced had Michelle as lead along with nik or others… [quote=“ThatDudeYouKnow, post:39, topic:83715”]
her lead skill is still among the best in the game and likely will be until an S Class version of it is released

LOL it’s already out, s-class Priya gives 50% attack lead skill + you can use all ranged toons unless Michelle only yellow and red