James gang any regrets?

I mean now that some Christas r tier 4 or almost for non SC, now u can obviously see the difference. poor Jamseys get 2 shot killed, 1 with ad, many of the other greens get 1 shot killed no matter how tanky or have 30 rings, poor Jamesey get used to gain ad. He literally do nothing if u attack with a shield bc he has no focus on him while Christa keeps freaking 1 shot ur toons 1 by 1 with her focus.


no regrets my james is awesome for sr all I intended to use him for


i regret christa james is 10x better defence player


I’ve seen him kill my Michelle behind a shield turn 1 through collateral damage alone.

Christa is probably still better though.


None at all. Love using him

Who cares about defense​:joy::hugs:


def not me

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Nah. I prefer my James over the Christa I got in another region.

I build him with atk vs red/alert mod and holy shit he is a monster. I use Holly to cover his back with shield and heal and I’m very satisfied.

Let’s face it they are both good👍


Only regret I have is his multiattack rush means it can still trigger weapon effects

Right now Christa is better by a good distance however once the s class Hengyen’s & Aarav’s become more plentiful then James will come into his own, I would still say Christa would pip it as waste not is better than collateral as a specialist skill.

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No Regrets at all.

Why should I have any? James is not only more unique, he also makes more fun to play with than Christa could even attempt.

Defenitly the better choice, though I except Christa People and don’t get all this “dick-messering” contests.

It’s Nothing but Annoying


I dont think either character was inherently a “better” choice over the other. They’re both extremely powerful in their own rights. Christa makes sure whoever she hits is dying and stops 2 rushes and possible healing for 2 turns.
James can deal more damage over time with his bleed and his collat can put a hurting on 6*s right now.
I personally chose Christa because she pairs very well behind michelle and basically one shots all but the tankiest of toons

I got James for the reason of this
Stronger trait atk + collat = universal toon
Like I knew that because that’s what I did to Bryan… He rekt everyone and then bam the changed the ai and every def just decided to r**e his ass t2
But James… I mean he ain’t too squishy has a stop sign and is fun
Unfortunately rts today is mostly if you use this or this
And then ppl wonder why is every team comp the same
Like let ppl use what toons they want
And have fun
James is fun
Unless it’s a James Woods sweet 16 party
Isn’t that right kids

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Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard lol I’m out here smoking the few people still running him on defense.

You havnt read the promise letter then lol

Christa wipes out james . Guess what my james owns Christas too. #jamesgang

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My Diego, James, Amber, Doc combo has been fantastic