James Crit Weapon

Just after a little friendly advise from those who already has James…

I am considering getting him instead of Angel as I really need a decent green toon especially for SR levels with zombies and humans.

My question is, is the crit he receives from his weapon enough for killing most zombies or is it worth adding additional crit to his weapon?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

James is an SR monster, just do crit mods, stop sign is fine as is. Do add huge AP.

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Thats mine. Destroys zombies no problem. I have a +crit mod on there

If you are lucky enough to have Mike, the 2 of them make an incredibly strong Walker team. I also put 5 star Green Margret in there and her boost makes them both monsters (and supplies a rare green heal all). Doc, Gator or Yellow Yumiko are also good shouts to put in there with them depending on your lead.
Craft his weapon like @Gravediggers and you won’t be sorry whether you have any of the above or not. Crit chance mod and crit damage increase is always a good call on him too.

Just level up og michonne give her a crit plus huge on attack weapon add a guardian and a leader who boosts crit and well you will win every time…except when they sneak in those humans on the third stage.

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