James and christa confuse bug

There are times to where the confuse don’t work. I think when it goes to hitting your own teammates thats rng. But I seen christa and james do their AR while confused. I sadly didn’t get to take screenshots so if anyone wants proof I’ll go raid and hope I can see the bug happen.

Oh right. When under confused they sometimes still attack you like it ain’t happen.

I used BAC confuse and they didn’t even attack their own teammates (Rng based is what I think it is) Hitting your AR under confuse is a bug. If I see it happen I’ll screenshot james/christa with full ap and screenshot them under confuse during their AR.

Well James is far superior so it is definitely understandable if he has a permanent focus on him yet Christa she has a focus active skill so that is probably the reason why she can resist confuse

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Wait so focus voids confuse!? Never knew this shit. When I confuse did I see the confuse happen or the resist sign.

Yes James is a joke by the way but Christa does indeed resist confuse, taunt and bypass shields through her active skill

Yeah a big ass joke.
His col dmg II one shots toons like their 1 or 2 stars.
Disarm and reflect damage (Reflect damage is a gamble. If he does a one shot and your toon reflects it that’s good. Plus using james ar on a payback is a insta fuck-up)

You won’t see a resist sign because of focus lasts 1 turn but confuse lasts 2 turns, the enemy will be confused after focus ends so confused isn’t fully resisted.

So focus basically says your useless to impair,taunt, and confuse? (Does focus resist stun?)

Focus doesnt resist impair Diplow, just confuse, taunt, and ignore shields

Yeah focus says ■■■■■■■■ to confuse, taunt and shields
Focus say OH NO MY WEAKNESS to stun, impair

So couple things: focus is an ability that christa has on an active skill. When a character or characters are focused they are able to attack and use AR even if confused or taunted. Think of confuse and taunt as a mind game and by focusing you are able to fight through it. Focus also allows you to attack any toon behind a human shield. My guess is James and christa were focused during their periods allowing them to rush regardless of confuse.

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Characters under the effect of confuse or taunt, can still rush.
The only way to stop them rushing with a debilitating effect, is stun.

Stun just disables your toon. Confuse, taunt, impair lets you atk while confuse and taunt has lost control for turns.

I never knew this acuse scopely don’t explain shit right.

Check out the combat guide on the pinned page for the forum (: it helps with a breakdown of a lot of different parts of the game: confuse, focus, taunt, stun, specialist skills etc

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An explanation of all status effects and specialist skills is in game.

Go to your roster, select a team, press the bottom left button the says TRAITS. Also this button shows up in combat as well.

It would help if it was more obvious to find and ffs make it alphabetical order…

Yeah they just add the newest stuff at the end, would be nice to be able to sort it alphabetically

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