Jaded after much time vested


A lot of the long term player just simply feel jaded. Mayb you should bring the long term players into a chat and reward those that have spent thousands of dollars.


I have to admit I’m jaded . Honest statement there once was a doctor that told people they were dying. A good doctor elevates ,a great doctor is thanked… EVERYONE in this game is pissed off ! give back to the people that have spent create a new system that rewards all the long term players …LISTEN TO ME. We are the dream makers


Who am I kidding this game doesn’t thank long term players or survivors . No one speaks of the long term players or survivors. Of the players august 28/ 29 players . Mayb that’s why this game is dying they simply don’t respect and honor people in a public forum, I know people that are level 13 never spoken of in respect.

Show a level of respect to the long term players.


This thread makes it seem like Scopely just broke up with you, and you went out to the bars to get drunk and forget about her, and now you’re drunk texting her


For sure I agree I mean a little bit of consideration here and there would be nice nothing too op or too much but highest prestige should have better stuff some specialty features ect. Skipping scav missions are as good as it gets atm, michonne prestige edition and her sword are basically trash


Nice and after thousands of dollars spent and thousands of hours spent. Where is the appropriate response. Are you navive? Do you think after spending 15k to 30 most want to be written off . Even cancer paients are talked to correctly. There are very angry people that feel wronged on how this game has played out… offer people there money back see what happens.


But high prestige players have access to high prestige crates for only 550 coins


Offer me 3 to 5 k back I will gladly walk away


Most of the final prestige will too . Jaded customers thatare long term spenders.


Are you high? No one care about those crates , everyone wants to burn the game … everyone wants there money back. The new algorithms are epicly done . Coders are on point . The game has over leveraged there player base. They need to reward long term players. And mitigate to new regions. All I can say


Lol dude, calm down, I’m on your side. I was being sarcastic.


Play any game long enough like this one … you should be rewarded. Log the long term players, reward the ones still here , this isn’t hard. Sigh the expression is not having mutually exclusive goals . We are all still working together


I’ll have what he’s having… And a round for the whole room while we’re at it…


I think after 73822892 threads made about it, they register the complaints.

I do kind of wish everyone who makes a “Imma gunna quit” or “this game sucks” post, offers some helpful feedback.

Maybe then they will see a common thread and fix those things. Instead of just “Scopely sucks”. Because I am pretty sure most of us wouldn’t be playing if we HATED the game.


I’m sorry Bweaver I was just trying to have a little fun, you have to admit the post is halfway indecipherable. I agree with you though!


You and I both know what happened. This wars skills have become exposed. You can’t coin enough to stopped these skilled players from smoking you out. Don’t worry 2 more months they will have something for you and you only to purchase to give you the false sense of invincibility. Until you meet that skilled player again and again and again lol

All b.s. aside ask your faction for help with different setups and use what you got. You might be surprised
Good luck