Jacks and Queens - more options to get

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Hey, can we get more ways to get jacks and queens? Drop rate in roadmap is very very low (for me at least)
I have 200 aces but not even 300 jacks or queens and i need to exchange them in black market for 100 aces :confused:
I know there is still a time but im almost out of cans, not many left for top10 in lvl up…

Cmon Scopely :pray:


Whats your King situation looking like?

Aside from Kings, depending on how many decks you currently have, you will be able to run Jacks and Queens 4 to 5 more times so 60-75 more of each. That’s one more Flush (or 2 if you are already close to another).

As it stands it already sounds like you have 4 flushes ready, then +1 more from the above, should leave you on ~110-120ish Jacks and Queens assuming no more random drops. So if you get 10-20 of each from random drops you should be able to have enough to trade for Aces for a 6th flush. (This is of course assuming that you don’t touch anymore King trades)

And 293 queens

So need 380 of queens and jacks
Still something more than roadmap would be nice :confused:

I’m also sitting on like 200 aces but the drop rate on queens and jacks seriously worry me, i hope all those solo levels be worth it in the end!


I already claimed lily the 1000 pryia cards are going to be a bonus for me.

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The event guarantees 225 queens / jacks (15 runs of the maps for 15 of each). It intitially dropped enough bonus to get between 320-340 total, but never enough to claim Lilly and the golden S-class box. And if you forgo Lilly, it’s still not enough to claim the golden S-clas box if you wanted to exchnge 80 of them for 50 aces…

My clear goal was Lilly + one small S-class box. With the king trade-ins I can get two and maybe even three if I get lucky enough…

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I had noticed that the drop worry has changed first couple days you may get lucky enough to get a 10 of Jack or queen to fall extra nothing but spades lately

The offer for the cards is back in the store… if anyone got a spare 11 € for 3x Queen and 3x Jack with 20 decks + a big bag of decks (with the FU RNG option of 5 decks only)

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