Jacki weapon crafting

What should i craft for 2nd slot Of jacki,
Huge ap attacking/defending or 30 def ?

I went for hupe ap when taking damage on her base weapon

Hughe AP when attacking bc she Attacks T1 and T2. On T3 she will use her active. No one Attacks her unless they can kill her bc no ones want to trigger her to rush. I got a swap Wep with HP and Def, 20%AP to self. This works pretty well. She can rush T1 with it and she is Tanky enough to with stand a few Attacks


I’m working on a wakizashi with 20% ap to self, bonus def and ap on attack… still trying to obtain fast healing on the forth sloth

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Good one!

Wish I could get my hands on a Wakizashi… :confused:

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