Jacki stuck 5* (15 char)

Got Jacki maxed 5*; when I want to ascend her to 6*, I receive a message telling me that I have to remove her from any team. Thing is she isn’t a member of any team… Any idea? TY

Have you checked all your teams?
SR, FA, Arenas?

Just go to the ascendance tower and do it from there …


I had this issue a long while ago - I seem to remember I had used the toon in question in the last team in an SR that had finished (it was when I’d first come back a year and a half ago so can’t remember who), I had to wait until the next SR to be able to ascend it.
You also checked whether the toon is locked?

Take the toon off “Any team” also remove from avatar and faction support . And make sure toon is unlocked

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Way2real is right…just do it direct from the tower. Ive had to do several this way.

Yes, checked 3 times… removed her from arena defense

First thing I did :hatching_chick:

TYVM it worked. Even though she was reported as being part of a team (but was not), ‘forcing’ the process worked ok. Thanks again.

I just had that problem a week or 2 ago with rosita and I could not find any team she was on and I went through everything and one day it finally let me and I didnt do anything

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