Jacki and alpha cards week

just lol


I was about to post about this lol hahaha

It’s funny cos I have both but do need Rosita cards

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Lmao, totally dead with your profile pic


@Parker - any chance you could chase Scopely down to fix before rewards are distributed?

LG brought it up last night :slightly_smiling_face:

Have rewards always been this bad or did I just get numb to it, and only noticed cos Rosita. 100 cards for 4th place sucks.

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Pretty much nowadays🤗

WalkerTexasRanger Today at 17:45
Question: Shouldn’t the Rank Rewards for Faction Survival Road be Jackie cards instead of Rosita Cards?
Answer: Yep, our bad! :sweat_smile: Don’t worry, you helped us catch it in time, so we’ll be updating the rewards info in game and you should receive the appropriate Jacki Cards at the end of the Tournament as your Rank reward. Thanks for letting us know!

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