Jackets collection question


So I have enough jackets for my 3rd Carl now but the mods and gear seems worth it to claim again. My question is this…is there another toon coming up that takes the red and green jackets before I claim it again?


If u can buy a 3rd Carl why are u worried about another toon using the jackets lol.


Better question…why the hell do you need a third Carl?


Because I got lucky on the supreme bags. U think I wanna burn another 200-300 bucks If I dont have to


I dont but his collection has gold mods and gear with it. I’d rather get that stuff instead of depot points if they arent releasing a toon that takes jackets to acquire


I don’t even use my 2nd carl


My question. How many bags did you buy? Debating myself if it would be worth it. I believe I have enough for all 5. Javier just sucks so much in terms of a leader.


I did a 10 pull on the bags after my first carl and got 2 of the 1000 jackets


Carl is worth it hes a amazing lead for rom and marlon and chonne on a team and hes great as a standalone support toon… Javier is the screwdrivers. Carl’s collection also comes with gear and mods hes worth the cost if u can get him under 250. Or u can do 2 large pulls and a couple 10s and get nothing instead. I like how they did these collections tho. takes the chance outta it and atleast u know if u spend enough you will get it.


Well, my math may be way off but I don’t think I can get Carl even if I hit the 1000 green jacket lottery. I have 10 purple jackets at the moment. I’ll check everything over again but it might just be a pointless cause.


So no one has heard if jackets will be used for another toon? @JB.Scopely pleasssseee tell me before I waste them!


There was a leak of the coats having to do with a faction assault toon but that means nothing and the coats could have been a placeholder. But scopely has occasionally reused special items. Scopely will never tell you yes or no to that question.


Thought I heard that too. Thanks


Same thing happened though during the dumbbell log in month. There was a leak or either when you looked at the info on the dumbbell it said to trade in for Faction Assault Bruce which hasn’t panned out yet either. So who knows really what’s going on.




OP, how did you get the jackets for the 1st one? You said you got lucky on supreme crates for 2nd one but what crates did you pull for the 1st one?

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Cold hard cash…via offers little by little


Excuse me?


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